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Take a little look into the mind of the community and the mind of Klang with May's Community Questions. Salute once again to the Seed Discord community for their creative outlook, vision, and passion for the game!

Dylan75015: Can we send military support to a colony who needs help in a conflict?

M: "Totally! Seed is an open sandbox, so there will be no artificial barriers in place stopping you from sending over troops. Obviously, there will be logistical factors to take into account though, like the time it takes to travel across the landscape."

'[AF] Bumblebee Eric: How well can we regulate the influence of industry on the environment?

M: "Players will be able to regulate whatever comes to mind because they'll be interacting with other players. So, players can create and support a regulation but then can also enforce a consequence or punishment if a regulation is broken or compromised."

Lionbreaker08: How does joining into a world work? Do you start with spears and clubs while other people may have machine guns?

M: "We're still designing this process, but Seedlings will be landing in a high-tech pod, with tech and resources. So newcomers won't have to resort to primitive methods.

We aim to have things in place for the community to advertise their Factions and settlements for them to recruit new players into the game. The only way to grow and become powerful is by recruiting players into your community.

Newcomers will have an easier time joining an already established settlement, rather than landing in the middle of nowhere alone. Veteran players will also need newcomers to join their settlements to build bigger, stronger communities."

Dylan75015: Do you think it will be possible to have millions of seedlings inside a colony?

M: "Who knows down the line. Seed will be a game with ongoing development and content updates for years to come. How far we reach in terms of population density is something to be seen. We are doing everything we can to optimize the Seedling AI so that we can have as many of them as possible in any given community."

Nemanja: If a refinery has not been serviced for a long time, will it eventually explode?

M: "We're now knee-deep in making machines for this milestone. They break down; they get dirty. Seedlings then also get dirty from machinery and have to clean themselves as they don't like being dirty.

We're trying to design them in a way that they have pros and cons. So for example, a machine that produces faster might need more maintenance, and on the flip side, a more stable machine that produces at a slower rate means less maintenance."

[AF] Fabrican: Does this game has an already established lore?

M: "No comment. Haha!"

[AF] Fabrican: Will there be seasons in the game?

M: "We definitely want seasons in the game but haven't implemented them right at this stage."

[AF] ProblematicMan: Is it possible to outrank another player in your government structure, but have all your seedlings be outranked by theirs (Like as employees or something)?

M: "We can't really say just yet. We'll try these theories out down the line when we're testing the government system with the community."

[GI] Wololo: Will there be the same amount of resources to be mined both on land and under the sea? Say oil?

M: "There's a lot of stuff to discover on land, so we're focusing on that first. Having said that, we're really excited to open up underwater gameplay sometime in the future."

[AF] Fabrican: Can seedlings from two different players get married and have children?

M: "Yes!"

Dylan75015: Will it be possible when the game will be playing by the players for some time, to see the remnants of a civilization that the players had built?

M: "We are still exploring that feature; of course, it would be awesome. We're keen on the idea of harvesting the remains of past civilizations, but we can't say at this time."

Applefruitshoot: Will ReRunners start getting worked on again once Seed reaches alpha, beta, or once it's complete?

M: "We all love ReRunners and would love see it back online. Who knows. Hopefully one-day ReRunners will see the light of day again. However, we can't promise anything." Be sure to let us know in the comments below or join the Seed Discord server and post your questions there!

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