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Just back from Gamescom, we wanted to drop another installment of Community Questions, especially to shed more light for those new to the project, and of course for our loyal community.   All questions have been put forward to us from members of the Seed Discord, so if you wish to ask us anything, be sure to join and ask away. Now on to the Q&A! [AF] Wateriercrown: Could you describe the level of tech that will be achievable?

Mundi: “We're aiming to be somewhat scientifically accurate, so we don't want to create something that's too abstract, although artistic license will likely come into play. But, we're still designing how far this will go. We'll also keep developing tech as the game grows.”

WarlordToby: Will outposts and such have a place in the world? Say, different mining outposts? M: “There will definitely be gameplay around that; however, we haven't started on it – we'll get there soon!”

WarlordToby: Since fighting is strategic, will field engineering be a thing?

M: “Yes – it's very likely. Say if a vehicle was to break down – military or public – it will need to be repaired, which means that either field engineers or field mechanics will have to be dispatched to fix the situation. Logistics will be critical. Plus, this will create amazing player-driven stories.”

[Nέ]Yθshiko: Do you expect to introduce religions and beliefs?

M: “To be honest, we're expecting players to create this themselves, maybe by implementing various religious-based laws in the government tool. But, we're not aiming to do any specific mechanics around religion. If it's something that the community calls out for later down the line of development, we could look at adding this feature.”

![AF] Seedling Eric: How about expanding beyond the boundaries of the initial Planet?

M: “Well, of course, we're aiming "to boldly go where no man has gone before!" But, there are no current plans to do so. However, we'll continuously be updating the game after launch, so who-knows!”

[AF] Lênon Kramer & solonorn: Will players be able to put the flags of their clans in the game? Like in buildings and military units and stuff?

M: “Because we have a very stylistic art style, we would want flags or banners to fit with the game's aesthetics. Players won't be able to upload a jpeg, as that wouldn't fit. But we've discussed the idea of adding an emblem creator, which could then be applied to stuff. Adding it to the military units is an excellent idea!”

TonsOfphOtOns: Can a player (or community) reach a more advanced cultural stage by being more peaceful, and would the gameplay be as exciting as going to war?

M: “The goal is to make colonies/cities/communities fun places to play in. Say, for instance, expanding a business, exploring and farming resources, going on dates, or even dedicating a colony to scientific research-only. Warfare is only one scenario of hundreds of gameplay possibilities – there will be lots of stuff to do within the confines of a community.”

[AF] PlasmaPeppers: Will there be medical-type things in Seed?

M: “Yes! There will be all kinds of medical-related stuff. In this upcoming milestone, we're implementing the medical system. There will be various diseases that can be healed in different ways, with varying levels of success. Of course, there will be hospitals with surgery rooms and all that medical jazz. Plus, hospitals will also create employment for Seedlings.”

Username: Will there ever be a mobile or console version of the game?

M: “There will be a mobile app that acts as a window into Seed, allowing you to chat with your community or faction, as well as see the status of your Seedlings and do a bunch of other cool stuff.

For console, nothing anytime soon.”

Eatdostacos: Will one player be able to build multiple cities in different places or will you be limited to just one city?

M: “Well, one player won't be able to build a city single-handedly - this isn't a single player building game. You'll need to collaborate with many players to build and run a thriving city.

One way that you could, in theory, would be to become the president of the most powerful city on the planet, then take over multiple cities and form an empire. But, this is only theoretical.

It could also depend on the relationships that the Seedlings form. Say if one of your Seedlings partners with another Seedling from a neighboring city, then decides to migrate, that player will be able to put their stamp on a completely different city.”

InsaneLampshade: Has there been any mention of real-world money exchange in terms of the economy, or is the intention to keep the market entirely contained within the game?

M: “This aim is to keep the economy as stable and as valuable within the game as possible – keep it player driven.

We're also aware that this tends to create resource farmers in the real world that grind-and-grind-and-grind, and the sell resources through eBay for real currency that is problematic for the virtual economy.

But, to answer your question, we're really not sure yet. We're working with economists to develop an economy that works best for the game.”

[AF] PlasmaPeppers: Will Seed support the upcoming real-time raytracing protocols?

M: “At this point, we can't say. But, we're aware and hope to be able to support them.”

Bruce: Is there already a plan to create an API?

M: “We do plan on having an online database for communities and factions across the planet, showing population, government and political status, wealth, etc. Of course, this is only a plan, but we aim to make it a reality at some point.”

A big thank you goes out to those who posed us questions! As you can see there’s lots of people who are out there thinking about Seed and your engagement means so much. If there is something you want to ask us about Seed, be sure to let us know in the comments below or join the Seed Discord server and post your questions there!

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