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Wow, where has the time gone? It's all of a sudden October, which means it's time for another round of Community Questions! If you didn't already know, the Seed Discord is packed full of fascinating questions and dialogue about the project. We've picked out a few questions from the thread and answered them below...

[AF] WillM23: Are the resources in-game renewable? If I was to plant a tree, would it grow back?

Mundi: “Organic resources will be renewable, like trees or crops, as they can be replanted. More valuable resources and minerals will deplete at some point. We want it to feel like some resources are finite as this can create tension around areas with a higher concentration of rarer resources. But, we will be making sure to keep some equilibrium with the replenishment of resources.”

[AF] Valiant Ghoul: For food/plants/crops, are there plans on implementation of soil fertility, as well as rotation of crops or similar mechanics?

M: “We've done a bunch of deep dives into the various elements that can affect soil fertility like ground moisture or temperature. We want biomes to have realistic vegetation true to their environment. Or, for say a frozen wasteland, no vegetation.

How far we go with crop rotation is yet to be seen. Say, needing to rotate crops to reduce soil erosion could be taking it a little bit too far. If we feel that the farming mechanic lacks something, or if the community calls out for it, we'll maybe add to it.”

GGMarZhill: Can we employ our seedlings as botanists or more generally scientists to study the ecosystem and develop drugs, remedies and maybe even biological weaponry from exotic plants that we may find?

M: “Yes, for sure! We'll have botanists and of course, scientists researching all kinds of things – from researching chairs to researching medicine.”

![AF]Out of Snacks Eric: Are we able to modify our Seedlings into hybrids of biological and machine entities? For special tasks that normal Seedlings wouldn't be capable of completing?

M: “We are really fascinated by the idea of Seedling augmentation and biotechnology, and have done a bunch of concept art around this. We'd love to add it in, but it's something we'll look at more further down the line of development. However, we haven't decided on anything yet.

We have started working on drones, though...”

![AF]Out of Snacks Eric: Will we be able to construct submarines and other vessels to send into deep waters? Will we ultimately be able to mine underwater and construct living space, like underwater cities?

M: “We've played around with the idea of underwater cities and such, but it's not a priority right now. There will be so much to explore on the surface of the planet, which we want to get right first. Maybe in an update post-launch...”

[AF] Lênon Kramer: Will we be able to build railroads?

M: “Most likely in some shape or form, especially for trade routes. We don't want to make everything flying-based because that makes things too easy.

We want communities to build large constructions that will need materials from across the planet. The will definitely be roads, maybe railroads.”

[AF] True The Summoner: Will there be a possible factory system similar to Factorio or similar systems with conveyor belts?

M: “One thing about conveyor belts is that it removes labor. We want factories to be very work heavy and very labor intensive, so conveyor belts would take out the intensity of hauling objects from A-to-B.

On the other hand, factories without conveyor belts or automated systems take away the feeling of being in a sci-fi world.

We're actually working on production as part of our current development milestone, so we'll see!”

Urgh: Will I be able to open up a chain of pizzerias, or at least some sort of food establishment?

M: “Restaurants for sure! We love the idea of creating chains, but the mechanic would need a lot of thought. We can see players teaming up and opening up chain restaurants with the same branding, but this is more of a metagame.”

Spotty: Do you have direct control over "your" Seedlings, or do you issue them with goals and then sit back to see what happens?

M: “Both! Most of the time, you're issuing your Seedlings with routines or goals for them to complete on their own accord. But, you can also click on them and control them directly if you need them to focus on a specific action. However, if they become too hungry or too tired they'll shift their priority for survival.”

[AF] Beaub14: This might sound weird but will Seedlings have any form of free will where they can perhaps disobey the player?

M: “Yes, we want to take this really far! Think of your Seedlings as your children. You can influence and inspire them to do what they do, but they won't always follow your commands. We feel that this will form more interesting relationships with your Seedlings rather than if they were very robot-like obeying everything.”

GGMarZhill and ![AF]Out of Snacks Eric: Will there be ethical implications that can affect our Seedling community? And will there be protests against certain agendas or even a revolution against a ruling system if it doesn't meet the Seedlings' expectations?

M: “Anything huge or organized will have to be orchestrated by the players, like protests.

However, one scenario could be that a neglected Seedling family becomes homeless, then, to survive, could pose a problem to the greater community. The greater community of Seedlings could then chose to either help or expel those more misfortunate then them.”

[AF] WillM23: I am curious how the atmosphere in the workplace is, working on a game everyone is hyped for?

M: “Heck yeah, we're all hyped to be working on Seed. Of course, there's pressure, and long, hard working days. But, we're all working towards the same goal and can't wait to share the product and the journey with you.”

[AF] Beaub14: Will you guys do weekly dev blogs just so we can see how progress is going?

M: “I’ll pass this on to Jonathan to answer...”

J: “Hey! We have a lot planned for the community and want to keep our progress and thoughts as transparent as possible, without losing the edge of mystery of course. Maybe not weekly as that will take up a lot of resource time, but bi-weekly will be a good medium. We're also working on video content with development updates and BTS stuff. Oh, and we'll be holding regular AMAs soon. Oh, and then live streaming later-on. And a bunch of other great stuff that we can't reveal just yet. Okay, I've already said too much...”

All questions have been put forward to us from members of the Seed Discord, so if you wish to ask us anything, be sure to join and ask away.

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