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Make way for some extra fresh news! Yesterday Sabrina joined our Game Designers in their weekly meeting, but only for the fun part: the internal Game Design play test session.

We figured it’s time to give you a bit of a snapshot of the state of the game. Sometimes we get a bit caught up in talking about the more or less distant future, what we want SEED to be one day - which is important of course, and worth talking about. But let’s see where we are today, shall we? Afterall, we promised to take you on our development journey with us.

Things to keep in mind: Everything we’re describing here is a WIP and subject to change.

And now, here’s Sabrina’s report on what happened in her session:

When we joined, it was night time. Each of us got three random Seedlings, and they were hanging out in their family homes when we logged in. Since the goal of the test session was to check out the first implementation of an employment status for Seedlings, we all went right to the greenhouse and warehouse, to sign up our Seedlings for some jobs.

Currently there are only a few jobs available, so we all scrambled to get one of the available jobs before somebody else got to it. I signed two of my Seedlings up to work at the greenhouse - one as a farmer and one as a chemist. The third Seedling got a job in transportation at the warehouse.

Employment secured, it was time to check on our Seedlings.

Even though it was quite late at night, and our Seedlings were supposed to be sleeping, some went to the jukebox and had a little dance party. But one of my Seedlings wandered around into the greenhouse - I like to think they wanted to check out their new place of employment a bit early. After they got home, all my Seedlings fell asleep on their way to their beds. All three of them passed out on the ground in the hallway, only a few steps away from their beds - I wish I had taken a screenshot, but I got distracted by checking out what everybody else was up to, and then the team decided to use a development cheat to speed up time, so we could start checking out daytime activities. The alternative would have been to watch our Seedlings snooze for a few more minutes.

The next morning, only two of my Seedlings changed into their work clothes - somebody had removed my third Seedling’s job to take it for their own Seedling! Fired before they even started.

When I was done finding a new job for my unfairly treated Seedling, I realized that one of the others had decided that rocking out at the jukebox was more important than getting to work on time. On her first day! I put an end to the breakfast party and sent her off to the greenhouse. Good thing there aren't any bosses (yet?), because the first thing she did was take a coffee break.

Get a move on, you're two hours late

But around her, the greenhouse was buzzing with activity: other, less laissez faire Seedlings were taking care of the grow boxes and other machinery, planting our first crops - for example the algae we talked about a while ago, but also coffee. The chemists were making fungizide to keep our plants healthy.

Finally, someone is doing some work.

I checked on my warehouse-worker Seedling, who was also having a bit of a lazy morning. Nothing to haul yet, as it was the first day of production. I should have considered that when selecting what jobs to fill, but I had wanted a different job for each of them. And soon the first crops were ready, so off they went, alongside some other Seedlings with the same job.

As you can see, we’re not done decorating.

They carried boxes full of produce to the respective stockpiles, making sure to follow the roads when possible. This made it fun to watch them walk in rows, like ants that found a sugar cube.

Our first supply chains!

I watched our crops and stockpiles grow, feeling good about making sure there would be enough food for the next day. My Seedlings chatted happily with each other, sometimes doing a little dance, sometimes sitting together with a coffee, growing closer.

And then their shifts were over. They changed into their admittedly much less interesting free-time clothes, and streamed out of their places of work to the recreational area of our little village.

When you settle on a new planet, don’t forget to pack some board games.

The most popular attraction was by far the chess club-house. I guess Seedlings like to be social. But my Seedling Adrianna decided to sit on a log by the lake and watch the duck for a long while. After that, the duck spent some time looking at her.

Your chances of being killed by a hovering, cubical duck are low, but never zero.

Two Seedlings went to watch what I assume is their favorite movie, “Placeholder: Attack of the blue squares” - they seemed to have fun, and I guess you can’t argue over taste.

Hard to believe, but this movie is actually a sequel.

The sun sets over our little settlement

Eventually, Seedlings wandered back to their homes. Time to take a shower, make some dinner...uhm...steal some beans from the warehouse? Okay. I guess we don’t have property management in this version. Still, it was pretty funny seeing so many Seedlings enter their place of work after dark, to walk out with massive containers of algae or beans for their dinner.

A bean burglar

But one of my Seedlings did not seem to have had a good day - I wish I had paid more attention to her during the day, as right now there’s no way yet to find out what went on while I wasn’t looking! But I saw her walk through the house, head hanging, putting away some stolen algae. I hope you feel better tomorrow, Kristine.

Talk to me, Kristine, what’s bothering you?

Why is the bed in the kitchen. Why are you lying in it like that. Who decorated this room.

It was pretty late now, the last Seedlings finished their dinner, and went off to bed. And that’s exactly where we ended our playtest. Can’t wait for the next one!


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